One of our specialized areas in Baseline As is mass optimization in large infrastructure projects. We have developed our own processes and use modern digital tools to create a result that has been used on countless projects around the world. In this course, we share our knowledge to help you create a good foundation for your projects.

It is a practical intensive course package in digital tools and processes for optimizing mass handling in construction projects. The course package offers practical examples and templates in Excel. We get to know mass calculations in the MAGNET project.

In the figure below you see the courses that are included in the course package.

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In an infrastructure project, it is usually the project’s cuts and fills that form the basis of the project. Planning and cost calculations are based on this. The course package helps you build a solid foundation for a successful project. The entire course package is arranged live online.

Click on the different courses in the figure for more information and registration


There is no requirement for prior knowledge for participation in the course package. The practice basic course requires previous experience with the MAGNET project or participation in theory basic course. The specialization course requires both basic courses or previous experience in planning with MAGNET Project

The course package includes a 30-day trial license of the MAGNET Project.

It is also possible to negotiate the use of your own project as a basis for practical exercises.

For questions about the course package, contact Marcus Bäck.


The course is arranged at a joint agreed time. The course can be arranged both online or on site (current Covid-19 restrictions may limit opportunities to arrange on site)


The entire course package costs NOK 35,000 excluding VAT.

If the course is arranged at the customer’s, the travel costs will be added.

Includes course material in the form of presentations, templates, such as project files and a diploma for a completed training package in optimizing masses.


Marcus is internationally recognized in location-based planning and mass optimization of infrastructure projects. He has 15 years of experience from more than 70 infrastructure projects worldwide.

He has a master’s degree in technology with a focus on construction economics and management from Aalto University in Helsinki (and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm).

Marcus is an entrepreneur and leader with a coaching mindset and a passion for renewing and improving the construction industry. Marcus helps Baseline with new challenging projects and to bring together a team of experts to innovate and improve productivity for large projects.

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