New company specialized within production planning and follow-up. Baseline steps in to support a need for resources and expertise!

September 2020 – Baseline AS is a company focused on production planning and management of infrastructure projects established in Oslo, Norway

Infrastructure projects, in particular road and rail construction, are becoming larger and more complex. At the same time, there is a shift towards new construction management methods and an increasing use of Design-Build projects. This has its obvious advantages however, many of these projects have time and cost overruns, and disputes between the client and the contractor are common. To reduce the challenges associated with this, better methods and tools for planning and management are needed.

Rune Landsverk and Marcus Bäck have merged with Marstrand and established Baseline AS – a company specialized in delivering production planning and management for infrastructure projects.

-Marstrand is an interdisciplinary advisor to projects and project organizations and is therefore an optimal partner for a unique company like Baseline, says Rune Landsverk. – The main reason why we have chosen to establish Baseline, is the ambition to create a strong professional environment, Landsverk declares. He goes from being the CEO of the Morgedal Group to become a partner in Baseline.

Marcus Bäck from Finland, is an internationally renowned advisor in position-based planning and mass optimization. He moves from Business Development Director in Topcon Technology Finland to partner in Baseline. Topcon is one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems for planning, machine control and surveying.

– The industry faces a major global challenge in dealing with future needs for infrastructure, says Marcus Bäck. – The infrastructure must be maintained and expanded as the world’s population increases. According to several reports, today’s productivity and resources are not enough to respond to this demand. To keep up with this demand of growing investment in infrastructure, we must find mutual ways to increase productivity in an industry where productivity growth has been stagnated for decades.

– Baseline is, through subject matter experts, providing clear methods and modern tools that offer a comprehensive concept, ensuring better planning and follow-up of infrastructure projects. – Our team has worked on projects at all levels and in all phases, in sizes ranging from $ 10 million and all the way up to $ 60 billion. We understand the inherent challenges in the planning of projects that are in the development and tender phase, and at the same time we possess expertise when it comes to following up projects with heavy production. – We want to build a culture that attracts and embraces competence within our niche, creating a foundation for innovations that promotes production planning and management in the construction industry as a whole, Rune Landsverk continues.

Baseline focuses on both civil engineering companies, clients and contractors in infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, etc. Large complex infrastructure projects have certain characteristics that require special focus; Uncertainties in the tender material, estimation of quantities, ground conditions and mass hauling calculations are challenging factors when it comes to planning and management.

-The construction industry faces major challenges. The risk of disputes is too high, and many projects are delayed or end up significantly more expensive than anticipated. The industry must renew itself – all players need to increase their awareness of production planning and follow-up. Baseline is gearing up to be at the forefront of the development of methods and systems in planning and management. Our ambition is to be the preferred advisor on progress planning, Landsverk states.


For further information:

Rune Landsverk, Partner at Baseline AS, mobile: +47 488 52 607 and e-mail:

Marcus Bäck, Partner at Baseline AS, mobile: +358 50 366 4747 and e-mail:

Geir Bergersen, CEO at Baseline AS and Marstrand AS, mobile: +47 917 38 725 and e-mail: